Get Real Deep Into the Eat Real Festival

Oakland's Jack London Square was the place to be this weekend for Bay Area foodies as the annual Eat Real Festival came to town featuring hundreds of street food vendors for under $5.

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Adriana Mocciola/Telemundo 51
Adobo Hobo is served at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland's Jack London Square this past weekend.
Yummyporky on Flickr
Chop Bar salsas on display at the Eat Real Festival.
Yummyporky on Flickr
Fresh pig was being sliced up for anyone brave enough to try it.
Yummyporky on Flickr
Gerade's Paella is sered up at the Eat Real Festival.
Protographer23 on Flickr
The San Francisco coffee brewer brought a coffee truck to the festival.
Protographer23 on Flickr
It's hard to say no to an amazing cup of iced coffee. Here the Ritual crew goes around serving the goods on a bike.
Protographer23 on Flickr
Pimientos de padron were served at the festival.
Adriana Mociola/Telemundo 51
A woman hands out pies from the pie truck.
Protographer23 on Flickr
A delicious bbq pork taco is served up by the Seoul on Wheels truck.
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