Getty Oil Heirs Blogging for Chronicle

"There are slews of people richer than we are," lament Bill and Peter Getty

To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The rich are different than you and me." Thanks to a new blog from Getty oil-fortune heirs Bill and Peter Getty, you'll get to find out just how different.

While the two wealthy scions say that their true joy is in watching a Giants game, they get to do it from a private luxury box.

Yet they complain that private suite isn't all so great -- why, the hot dogs at 24 Willie Mays Plaza aren't as good as the ones they serve at their multimillion-dollar homes!

And it only gets more regrettably embarrassing from there.

The blog is part of the San Francisco Chronicle's new "City Brights" series featuring local luminaries, and the Gettys "plan to make occasional reports from this somewhat anomalous perspective."

Actually, it's not somewhat anomalous -- it's extremely anomalous. In America, the top one percent hold half of all non-home wealth, with such households averaging $12.5 million in net worth.

But then who'd want to read about what it's like to be the other 99 percent when the rest of us are living it every day?

Jackson West sees this as a case study of how soon only the independently wealthy will be able to afford careers in writing.

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