Giants’ Loss Means 3,000 Bloody Mary Breakfasts Put on Hold

The recipe
Joe Rosato Jr.

Oh San Francisco Giants, how you tease us so.

The whole city, nay, the entire Bay Area was ready to celebrate something finally worth celebrating in Bay Area sports Thursday night.

Sure we have the lovable Sharkies in the South Bay that have done well over the years. But we have also learned over the years not to lend our heart to them only to be crushed by another playoff short fall.

But Thursday, the entire city was ready to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning and top a night of Giant celebration with an early morning Bloody Mary breakfast at Lefty O'Doul's.

But 3,000 eggs and possibly as many Bloody Marys have been put on ice -- if that is possible -- until at least Sunday. The Giants are flying back to Philadelphia as we speak to try and win at least one of two games this weekend.

If the team wins, Lefty O'Doul's plans to continue with celebration plans that were suppose to happen Friday but instead will now happen bright and early on Sunday morning if the Giants can hold up their end of the bargain.

And the proprietor of Lefty's is confident in his hometown team. After the Giants knocked off the Atlanta Braves he hoisted a sign above his establishment that declares Lefty O'Doul's as "Giants World Series HQ."

Now if the team can just knock off those pesky Phillies and Lefty can fry those frozen eggs.

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