Giants Ranked Tops on Forbes Value List

Baseball is clearly a money maker so matter what the win loss column

Forbes magazine released its annual value report rating Major League Baseball franchises and the San Francisco Giants made the top ten.

The team came in No. 7 and is worth $786 million, according to Forbes. That value is up 22-percent over last year. 

Forbes noted the Giants scored with their dynamic pricing of tickets. Some 3.4 million fans competed for a seat  at AT&T Park last season. That is the fourth highest fanbase in baseball.

Those numbers are expected to continue to be high this season, thanks to last November's World Series win.

The New York Yankees came out on top of the list at more than triple the league's average value.

The Yankees, owned by the Steinbrenner family, are valued at $2.3 billion, which is a 24 percent jump over last year.

The Los Angeles Dodgers came in at No. 2 with a value of $1.6 billion.

Rounding out the top five:

  • Boston Red Sox worth $1.3 billion
  • Chicago Cubs worth $1 billion
  • Philadelphia Phillies worth $893 million

The Oakland A's are down in the pack, but still increased in value by 46-percent. That is the biggest increase in value in the league.

The A's are worth $468 million, according to Forbes. The A’s also got a revenue windfall of $173 million, and received one of baseball’s biggest‘s revenue-sharing checks, which was a cool $30 million alone.

Forbes said the average MLB team is value at $744 million, which is a 23 percent increase from last year.

Forbes attributed to new national television deals, climbing valuations for MLB Advanced Media and baseball's investment fund.

Forbes said the values climbed despite falling profitability thanks to television rights fees that flow to each team, and the climbing values of Major League Baseball Advanced Media and the league’s investment fund.

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