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Gilroy High Football Player Accuses Teammates of Sexual Assault

Police in Gilroy are looking into allegations of sexual assault after a Gilroy High School football player reported he was attacked last week by several teammates in the locker room, according to the police department.

The school district will only say it has taken appropriate disciplinary action against the players involved. But now, it’s in the hands of police.

The Gilroy High Mustangs played Salinas’s Alvarez High School on Friday without as many as five players who police say are under investigation for the alleged assault.

"On the surface, it appears it was reported as a sexual assault," police Capt. Joseph Deras said. "We need to drill down and find out what exactly happened. Nature and the intent behind the action. Certainly it was unwanted."

The alleged sexual assault happened last week after practice in the locker room. No one will confirm exactly what took place, but it upset the player so badly, he notified the school administration. Administrators called police.

"Once we get those facts, we determine what if any charges are appropriate, we will potentially cite them for the conduct and let the DA’s office take its course," Deras said.

Students said Monday it’s been the talk on campus all day, with everyone forming different opinions.

"I feel like the person should be kicked off the team," student Khsighia Njinimba said. "But the others shouldn’t. It's terrible for something they didn’t do. But he should be kicked off the team."

Many parents were just finding out about it Monday.

The Gilroy Unified School District said it is "committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all its students." The district took disciplinary action against the students involved but would not say if the students have been suspended.

The district said there are no plans to cancel the football season. Gilroy's next game is Friday against Palma High in Salinas.

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