Glenn Beck's Fantasy: Poisoning Nancy Pelosi

A Fox News personality pretends to sit down and sip wine with the Speaker of the House

Part of the joy of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is the privilege of place afforded the region as a liberal mecca by the rest of the country.

Long a lightning rod for the likes of Bill O'Reilly, San Francisco and its Congressional representatives are now in the sights of fellow Fox News commentator Glenn Beck.

Beck recently got in on the act with an attempt at satire featuring a cardboard cut-out of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, whose district includes San Francisco.

Turns out Pelosi is having a fete at her family's wine country estate, and in a segment Beck imagines himself attending.

Encouraging Pelosi to drink the wine, Beck lets slip that in his imagination, it's poisoned. Take that, health care reform!

Pelosi, of course, is less than adored by actual liberals in her district, who cite her support of the current war in Iraq.

Little does Beck know, but were Pelosi to meet an untimely death, who'd be willing to bet the Democratic Party might replace her as speaker with someone like Massachusetts's Barney Frank?

Now that's a politician your typical San Francisco leftist probably wouldn't mind presiding over congress.

Jackson West figures fair is fair, since former speaker Dennis Hastert is probably poisoning himself with massive doses of triglycerides.

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