Google Cloud Prints to Android and FedEx

Using Google Cloud Print, people can now print documents to their Android devices or a nearby FedEx office.

Paolo Ferraris, software engineer for Google, wrote on the Google Chrome blog that Google Cloud Print could print to any of 1,800 FedEx locations. "Choose “Print to FedEx Office” in the Cloud Print dialogue, and you’ll receive a retrieval code that you can use at any FedEx Office® Print & Go self-service device," he wrote. "So if you're on a business trip to California, you can submit a report for your colleague in New York to print out at the neighborhood FedEx Office."

Documents can also be sent to your Android 4.0 tablet or phone, provided users have installed Chrome for Android Beta. The document will be formatted into a PDF copy and appear "as a destination" in the Cloud Print dialogue box. 
The new service is a welcome one, but does discriminate against those with older Android devices. For those users, there's still Dropbox.
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