Go Topless at Dolores, Maybe See Aliens

John Audley

If you're like me, and support equal rights for all races and genders, and think women should be able to take their tops off whenever they please, why not head to Dolores Park this Sunday?

GoTopless.org is sponsoring Topless Day on Sunday August 21 from noon to 3pm. 

But wait, there's more!

If the promise of topless women isn't enough, it seems the folks behind GoTopless are an organization that believes humans were created by extraterrestrial scientists known as Elohim. The group (cult?) called Raelians believes the human body is beautiful and shouldn't be covered up or subjected to hypocritical laws, says the Huff Po.

The group, apparently, is inspired by aliens and a French race car driver named Rael, who was known as Claude Vorihon until 1973, when he had an alien encounter. He was also part of the company Clonaid, which went on to claim to have cloned the first ever human being, Eve, in 2002. 

Take that Tom Cruise!

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