GoDaddy Trying to Shed Sexy Image, Challenges Silicon Valley to Improve Gender Diversity

GoDaddy, the web hosting company well known for its sexy ads, is trying to shed its image.

CEO Blake Irving acknowledges the company's racy history. "Aren't you the company that objectified women in advertising for years? Yes, that was GoDaddy," he told a packed audience at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Houston on Wednesday, CNBC reports.

Also Wednesday, GoDaddy, which recently opened a headquarters in Sunnyvale, for the first time released a quarterly diversity report. It shows how much women make at the company compared to men.

Companywide, for every $1 a man makes, a woman makes $1.01. So, on average, women working for GoDaddy make one penny more, but they earn slightly less in engineering, slightly more in other departments.

"We're being transparent and working to make a positive difference," Irving said at the conference.

The biggest pay gap at GoDaddy is in management, where the average woman makes $0.94 to every $1 a man makes.

"If a company with a reputation like GoDaddy can make real progress, however slight," the rest of Silicon Valley can too, he said.

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