Sully’s Hat Going … Going … Gone

Rocking Crocs At Prom

This just might be the coolest Christmas present this year.  And it cost 5,800 tax deductible dollars.

The reigning Bay Area hero Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger put his captain's hat up for auction on eBay and the bidding closed Monday morning.

Yes, the pilot credited for pulling off the "Miracle on the Hudson" literally threw his hat into a fund raising campaign. 

Proceeds raised from the auction will be donated to two East Bay schools in polar opposite districts.  Lockwood Elementary in one of Oakland’s poorest communities, and Dougherty Valley High in one of San Ramon wealthiest.  

The Sullenberger girls go to Dougherty and Lockwood is that school's sister campus.

Nearly all of its 500 students attending Lockwood Elementary come from families below the national poverty line.  The school itself is located in a neighborhood with one of the highest crime rates in the city.

Dougherty Valley High School, opened in 2007, is bright, shiny and new, and it is located in one of the highest taxed districts in Contra Costa County, where residents pay directly out of their pockets for schools, police services and libraries.

The hat is signed by Sully, comes in a protective plastic box and a personal note from the Sullenbergers.

No word yet on who the new owner is.

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