Going Green Isn't Always Popular With Shoppers

North Bay mall removes parking for low-emission cars after shopper complaints

Going green is not for everyone. Especially if are looking for a parking spot at a North Bay mall.

San Rafael's Northgate mall is removing up to 154 parking spaces reserved for low-emission cars partly because of shopper complaints. The mall painted over white lettering that reserved the spaces for the green cars.

The move is a major blow to the mall's attempt to become California's first regional mall to be LEED certified, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

The shopping center had dedicated 5 percent of its 3,100 parking spaces for low-emission vehicles -- assuming they didn't automatically accelerate of course.

But 2,946 parking spaces were not enough. The mall still aims to be green and give "preferential treatment" to Earth-friendly drivers. But officials say they hope to do so in a way that doesn't drive SUV-touting shoppers into a road rage tizzy.

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