Golden Gate Park? There's an App for That

Explore hundreds of attractions, plants and animals

The days of wandering aimlessly and confused through Golden Gate Park are over.

The Golden Gate Park Field Guide iPhone app by the California Academy of Sciences launched this week and it's jam packed with cool features.

Highlighting hundreds of the park's attractions -- animals, plants, museums, statues, lakes, pathways, gardens, restrooms and restaurants -- this app will make anyone want to do some serious exploring.

The academy calls it "a go-to guide for navigating San Francisco's thousand-acre urban oasis."

An interactive map gives live location and weather data to plan the perfect route by foot, bike or car.

You can even play scavenger hunts and share photos with other users. Recent wildlife sightings show up in real-time.

This is the academy's first app and it's free for a limited time, so you might as well get on it.

Plus, you can impress your friends by learning your Carnivorous Pitcher Plants from your Amazon Water Lillys.

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