Good-Bye Stinky Whale

The carcass of a gray whale discovered in Richardson Bay near Sausalito last week has been towed out to sea.

A boat took it under the Golden Gate Bridge Monday morning around 8 a.m.

The 30-foot-long whale was found in the waters last Tuesday, and was held so scientists could gather samples of the animal's tissue to study, according  to center spokesman Jim Oswald.

However, the whale was badly decomposed and "for our research  purposes, there were no good tissue samples we could take from it," Oswald  said.

It is the second dead gray whale found in the Bay Area this month.  A young gray whale drifted up to the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf on April 1  and was buried in a landfill two days later.

The new whale was towed out to sea by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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