Good Hair Days Easy Here

Are you having a good hair day today?  Chances are you are if you woke up here in the Bay Area.  But this might be one of our most unusual titles yet: 5th Best Hair City, as decreed by 

The site says it looked at humidity levels, pollution, rainfall, average wind speeds, water hardness, demographics and of course -- the number of beauty salons per capita.

This is what they say: ''San Francisco is no stranger to rain, but it's the No. 1 city in the country with least weather variety. So since the weather doesn't change frequently, you'll have great hair once you get used to the climate. The soft water, lack of wind and high number of salons also mean that the odds are strongly in your favor for having good hair days. ''

 The top three cities are Santa Barbara, Honolulu and San Diego, in that order. Sounds like you need to have a slightly more appealing climate year ‘round in order to get a higher ranking.  Although Anchorage, Alaska is No. 4. Seriously? 

We beat out Chicago, Boston, Denver, LA, Miami and New York City.

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