Good Will In Berkeley Only Goes So Far

The same city that considered welcoming cleared Guantanamo Bay detainees to town with open arms, is having a tough time inviting Goodwill to stay.

Solano Avenue merchants say they don't want the thrift store opening in their neighborhood, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. They think the store will be a magnet for the homeless, bargain-hungry shoppers, and noisy delivery trucks. Not the clientele other stores on the street cater to.

Goodwill started thinking about opening a store at 1831 Solano Ave. last summer. It applied for an administrative use permit with the city, but that permit is still pending. The city is not allowed to act until Goodwill signs a lease.

The store is still discussing matters with the landlord. That has not stopped some people from passing around an anti-Goodwill petition.

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