Google Buses To Pay $1 Per Stop

Tech buses to pay for the privilege of running in S.F. A little bit, anyway.

Love them or hate them, the tech buses of San Francisco are here to stay -- and they're here to pay for the privilege.

Exactly $1 per stop.

The plan announced by San Francisco city leaders to get the buses -- which use Muni stops to pick up and drop off passengers but so far have not paid for the privilege of the public resource -- to start ponying up won't make much of a dent in city budgets or in tech CEOs' bank accounts, according to SF Weekly.

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Muni hopes to raise about $1.5 million from the plan to charge the buses that ferry Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, and Genentech and other employees from home in the Mission to work in Mountain View, Menlo Park, Cupertino, or Sunnyvale. Each company would pay about $100,000, which works out to roughly $1 a stop.

Only about 10 percent of Muni's 2,500 bus stops are available to the corporate tech buses -- but there are some 3,831 buses making daily stops, the newspaper reported.

That's a lot of tech.

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