Google Chef Doesn't Know Her Shellfish

Preeti Mistry, Google's executive chef, lost a Top Chef challenge by confusing clams and oysters

What's the difference between a clam and an oyster?

If you're on the reality TV competition "Top Chef," it would be good thing to know. Unfortunately, contestant Preeti Mistry, who also happens to be Google's executive chef, made it clear that she had no idea.

In the first challenge of the new season, contestants were required to open clams as part of a relay race. The 33-year-old Cordon Bleu graduate made a major blunder by asking if a clam was the same as an oyster (it's not), tried to shuck them as though they were, and took so much time in the process that she cost her team the win.

The San Francisco resident cracked a series of jokes via Twitter in the hours before the episode's premiere:

 "Less than 24 hours until clams casino!"

"Top Chef premiere tomorrow hands are getting clammy!" 

"Sneak preview of Top Chef premiere on I'm clamming up!"

Here's what's confusing about Mistry's seemingly novice mistake: On a bio page maintained by Bon Appetit Management Company, the company which caters to Googlers and actuallly employs her, Mistry talks up her seafood stew made with "local clams and mussels." Or is it oysters? So hard to tell.

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