Google Chrome GBook Rumored to Be on the Way

Is there a Google-branded netbook on the way? Google's been talking about working with a variety of manufacturers to be sure its Chrome OS runs well, but now multiple sources are saying Google will hire an unnamed netbook maker to build a device specifically for Chrome OS, working from a recipe of Google's detailed tech specs.

We might be seeing such a refined gBook by next Christmas. By then, there will be even more tiny and powerful processors from which to choose, giving this net-connected laptop plenty of oomph.

This is a great idea, Google. Like Apple, when you have control over both the hardware and the software, near-perfect integration is possible. On the other hand, naysayers might argue that hardware is not part of Google's core competency. But this is not about Google making hardware — it's about control. Either way, if Google makes it cheap, and might just be a big hit.

TechCrunch, via Geeky Gadgets

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