Google Co-Founder Planning Eco-Mansion: Report

One of the men who left a huge impact on the way we use the Web wants to leave a small impact on the environment -- with a big home.

Google co-founder Larry Page is planning to file a permit this week to build a nearly 6,000 square foot home, according to the Palo Alto Weekly.

Page's new two-story home will be situated on the .75-acre lot where, neighbors say, he lives now.

The new eco-mansion will feature a roof garden, plenty of windows and solar panels. Pervious pavers and a pervious path through the trees are also in the reported plans.

The eco-friendly features of Page's new (rumored) digs should make it an easy go for the state's Green Point Certification.

Several older homes on Page's block have been demolished over the past year and rumors that he has bought adjacent properites have many in the neighborhood wondering about the new structure.

Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998. The two power minds met while in the Ph.D computer sciences program at Stanford University.

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