Google Drives Into the Cloud

Google's foray into cloud storage officially began Tuesday.

Several reports indicated earlier this week that Google may launch its much anticipated Drive cloud storage solution as early as Tuesday. And the company did just that.

The Mountain View-based search company will offer up to 5 gigabytes of free online storage and up to 100 gigabytes of space for premium users for just $4.99 a month.

Dropbox by comparison only offers 2 gigabytes for free and 50 gigabytes $10 a month.

Google already offers a service that allows its users to store music and video in the cloud. But it is not clear if those files will be able to live on Google Drive.

The company will be entering an already crowded field. Popular services such as Dropbox,, Apple's iCloud and Microsoft's SkyDrive already exist in the market.

Google will be banking the success of its service on its users wanting to use a cloud storage product that is seamlessly integrated into its other offerings, such as GMail and Google+.

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