Google Digs Deeper Into Yelp's Territory

If you're Google and you can't but them, might as well kick the crap out of them.

Google has long been rumored to be interested in taking over Yelp. But after a $500 million acquisition deal reportedly fell through in December 2009, Google has forayed into the virtual review business itself.

There was of course "Favorite Places" on Google Maps and now the Silicon Valley search giant is going a step further.

Google unveiled "Place Search" Wednesday, where the the company's search engine has been re-programmed to dedicate an entire page of search results when people search for places.

So, for example, if you go searching for sushi in Mountain View, Google will give you a full page of sushi restaurants in the South Bay, including directions, reviews, maps and phone numbers.

On it's blog, Google touts the move as a step to make life easier for its users.

One of the great things about our approach is that it makes it easier to find a comprehensive view of each place. In our new layout you’ll find many more relevant links on a single results page—often 30 or 40. Instead of doing eight or 10 searches, often you’ll get to the sites you’re looking for with just one search. In our testing Place Search saves people an average of two seconds on searches for local information.

The company's latest shot in the "location wars" is still being rolled out, but you can take a look at how it works here.

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