What If Moses Had Facebook? Google Exodus on Social Media

YouTube screengrab from Aish.com

What if Moses had Facebook?

That's the question a Jewish group in Israel began formally asking in 2011. And by Monday - on the eve of Passover - more than 2.5 million people had clicked in to watch a YouTube video trying to answer that question, all with a jazzy version of the Passover classic, "Dayenu," set in the background.

When Aish.com first publicized the "Google Exodus - Passover Movie," just 50,000 people had seen the clever 2:17-minute clip.

Silicon Valley plays a prominent role - albeit silent one - in the humorous video, with Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Twitter and Craigslist all acting as the key forms of communication between God, Moses, Pharaoh and the other key Passover players. Of course, Moses emails Pharaoh from his gmail account to the leader's dot.gov account.

The clip begins with a search for "Basket Baby." Someone searches Yahoo for "Why is the bush burning but not being consumed?" Pharaoh's Palace is searched for on Google Maps. And Moses posts a status update on Facebook saying that "My staff just turned into a snake. Cool."

While the video is still certainly funny, after three years, it's starting to show its age. There are no Red Sea photos posted Instagram. And if Ramses needed a girlfriend for his harem, Tinder wasn't around to have helped him find a nice Eygptian girl.

Maybe that's why this year, Aish.com - a Jerusalem-based Jewish content website - decided to be topical, and create a new Passover video based on the hit Disney film "Frozen."

This year's video is called "Let it Go: Passover Edition." As of Monday morning, it had nearly 80,000 views.

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