San Francisco Woman Claims She Was Attacked for Wearing Google Glass at Haight-Ashbury Bar

A woman reported being taunted and robbed in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood for wearing Google Glass.

The woman, Sarah Slocum, mentioned on Facebook that she was in a bar Friday night showing off the wearable computer accessory when someone took it from her face and ran, while another told her that she and her techie friends were "destroying the city," according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 

Slocum chased the assailant who she says took the Google Glass and retrieved it, but another person had taken her purse and cellphone. Slocum said she filed a report with police.

The incident is seen as yet another example of mounting tension between techies and other San Francisco residents who feel the tech workers are driving up costs without adding infrastructure or bettering neighborhoods. However, despite the interest, when police were contacted by the Chronicle, officials said they weren't aware of a police report.

While Slocum reportedly wasn't doing anything annoying or rude, Google has released a list of do's and don'ts for using Glass so users won't annoy people. None of them warn users to beware of class warfare.

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