Google Glass to Be Built in Silicon Valley

Google will make its Google Glass, or wearable computer, in Silicon Valley, according to reports.
The tech titan is teaming with Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn, to create a headset facility in Santa Clara, the Financial Times reported. Google Glass is worn like a pair of sunglasses, controlled by voice and has a tiny screen near the wearer's right eye. The device enables the user to send photos or view videos.
Because Google Glass is small -- an employee could carry dozens of them at once -- some say that a plant in Silicon Valley makes sense especially in a first run. About 8,000 of the headsets will be available in the next few weeks to contest winners, but it's not clear how many people will be needed to run the plant.
Later this year, Google will begin public sales of the wearable computer for $1,500. Although many parts come from Asia, the final assembly will be done in Santa Clara, according to the report.
Manufacturing occurring in Silicon Valley is a huge economic boon. This new development could lead to more businesses creating and assembling hardware.
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