Google Leases New Building in Mountain View

It's not a done deal yet, but Google Inc. is apparently ready to take over the former Mayfield Mall site in Mountain View.

The 500,000-square-foot San Antonio Station complex is already being renovated, and the building permit lists Google as the company that leased the land, NBC Bay Area has learned.

If and when Google finalizes the deal, it would be the largest lease deal of the year in Silicon Valley.

What Google would do with all that space is a matter of speculation. Theories range from general office space to research and development.

"We don't known about anything they have planned for that specific space, but they are expanding not only in that place in Mountain View, they're also building next to their primary buildings by Shoreline at NASA, so there's huge expansion with Google," Steve Wright with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group said.

Google's expansion is expected to translate into a boost in the economy, not only for Mountain View, but the entire Silicon Valley.

"It means there's more money for construction workers, for pipe fitters. It means there's more money for people who go to dry cleaners, to restaurants to automobile sales. So it's really a hopeful sign that the economy is not just recovering here, but it's moving forward," Wright said.

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