Google, Netflix Push Industry to Chase Original Content

Original content is where it appears to be at.

A day after the Los Gatos-based Netflix reportedly made an offer to be the home of the second-coming of the show "Arrested Development," it was revealed that Google is offering more than $100 million to get original content produced for YouTube.

Both companies appear to be preparing for a post-cable world.

Google in particular has been active in trying to secure original content for its mediums. After the tepid response to Google TV last year, the Mountain View-based company was reportedly negotiating with networks to secure its content.

Then last week there was a report that Google was willing to bid upwards of $4 billion to purchase video-streaming site Hulu.

Many analysts suspected that the real appeal of Hulu was its in place contracts to stream content from ABC, NBC and Fox.

A reported sticking point in the negotiations was Hulu providing more than two years of that existing contract.

The cable industry itself is also not sitting still. Dish Network also reportedly challenged Google's Hulu bid.

And that move came on the heels of the satellite provider's announcement last week with Blockbuster that the two companies will provide on demand streaming content to its customers.

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