Google Offers Instant Previews for Mobile

Mobile users can now see Google Instant Previews when they use the search engine, Google announced Tuesday on its Google Mobile blog.

Instant Previews is now available on mobile for Android 2.2 and up or iOS 4.0 and up devices and in 38 languages, Brian Ngo from the Mobile Search team wrote. 

The mobile version works much like the non-mobile desktop version where users can compare each front page website visually and choose the best results for their needs faster.

On your mobile device, the mobile page will also be available and can be found by a few finger swipes. On the search results page, users should touch the magnifying glass icon to see the instant preview for that result. Keep browsing by touching the arrow keys or swiping a finger across the screen.

While the new Instant Previews for mobile isn't earth-shaking, it does show that Google intends that its mobile search be as relevant as it s desktop one.

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