Google+ Opens to the Rest of the World

Google+ has lost some steam in recent weeks and Tuesday it loses its exclusivity.

The Mountain View-based company's answer to Facebook is opening up to everyone to sign up and join starting this week.

In its initial launch on June 28, Google+ was only open for a few people to try out while the search giant worked out the kinks.

Features like "Hangouts" and "Circles" earned Google+ early rave reviews from some early users, who were eventually given the power to invite friends.

Within two weeks, Google+ attracted an impressive 10 million users and by the end of its first month, the social network had more than 25 million people on it.

Tuesday Google officially moved Google+ out of "field trial" status and moved it into "beta." The seach company also added several features to Google+, including Hangouts on Android-powered mobile apps.

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