Google Pinpoints Celebs' Favorite Places

If you want to be seen at the scene where to cool people of San Francisco dine and drink, check out Google's latest mapping project.

The ever-present Web giant unveiled their latest tool, Favorite Places, Wednesday at City Hall, with none other than the hip-city's trend-setting mayor at the podium.

Our friends at the Examiner say Mayor Gavin Newsom told the crowd, "This is a new idea, a way to promote small business and a way for small businesses to promote themselves."

So, what are the places frequented by some of the City's trendsetters?  Newsom visits La Boulange de Polk for green tea, Chez Panisse Chef Alice Waters goes to tiny restaurant Sebo for the best sushi in San Francisco and Decemberists bassist picks the Make-Out Room as his favorite hang-out place for a drink.

As Google is worldwide, so is Favorite Places. The team asked for input from the hipsters and tendsetters around the world to name their favorite places to visit as well. The bright yellow markers on the Google maps span 30 cities across the globe, including New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

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