Google Plans Cable TV Services in Kansas City

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Google is planning to test out a new cable service, complete with high-speed internet and TV, in Kansas City. Could the rest of the country be next?

The plans are still being hatched, but Google is already rolling out a big test of super high-speed broadband and Kansas City. This would just be added onto that.

It's actually a pretty exciting prospect! After all, how many choices do you have in your cable TV offerings? Not many, I'll bet. And very, very few companies have the cash or desire to become a new competitor in that space. But Google is one of them! And with Google barging in and disrupting things, only good things and lower prices can result for consumers as these big boys fight over our dollars.

So hopefully Google finds this whole Kansas City thing to be worthwhile and starts expanding from there. I'd love to pay less and get more from my cable company. Wouldn't you?


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