Google's Revolutionary Talks Facebook, Twitter

What do you do after being a key player in a mostly peaceful revolution that overthrows an unpopular government?

If you work for Google, you go back to work. But Wael Ghonim, the head of marketing of Google Middle East and North Africa, is taking a few side steps on the way.

Ghonim is largely credited with being one of the faces of the Egyptian revolution by launching the Facebook page "We are all Khaled Saeed," which was one of the rallying cries for Egyptians looking for a change.

On the day Mubarak announced through his vice president that he was stepping down, Ghonim went on CNN and said now that the revolution had reached its climax, he planned to go back to work.

But Ghonim did not go back to work before coining the phrase "Revolution 2.0" and preparing to write a book about the role of the Internet and social media in the Egyptian revolution.

Ghonim recently took a break from his Google duties to preview the topic of his book for a Ted talks session.

In the almost 10 minute session, Ghonim talks about why he chose to use Facebook to express his displeasure with the Egyptian government and how the model used in his home country can be replicated elsewhere.

Click below to watch the full session.
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