Google Shopping Express Same-Day Delivery Service Launches in Bay Area

Attention impulse shoppers: A Silicon Valley tech giant is catering to your every whim, bringing you the latest online way to get the products you want delivered to your home or office within hours.

With Google Shopping Express now available all over the Bay Area, Google is taking on fellow online giants Amazon and eBay with super-fast delivery.

“If you need something, you can just click a button and it arrives at your house in a few hours,” said Tom Fallows, who heads up Google Shopping Express.

One Peninsula business says it's already giving them a boost. Miguel Natario works at Palo Alto Sport Shop and Toy World, one of the places that’s offering customers same-day delivery service when you absolutely need that Krazy String or bubble gum right away.

“We are already seeing more people use this service,” Natario said. “It’s going really well for us.”

And it’s only been one day.

Google says it has a 3 1/2-hour window where it will deliver what you want. It costs $5 per store ordered from.

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