Google Street View Takes You Out of This World, Into the International Space Station

We see it in the sky, but can’t climb aboard.

The International Space Station is home to a small number of elite astronauts, working on cool experiments in a gravity-free environment.

But now, thanks to Google’s Street View, you too can take a ride inside the ISS.

Street View has, for the time being, ditched the cars and backpacks in favor of a small camera and bungie cords.

Bungie cords?

“In space, with zero gravity, the astronaut sets up with a bungie cord.”

That’s Google’s Deanna Yick on how the astronaut on the ISS contorted himself to take more than 1,500 pictures Google eventually stitched together.

“He literally had to position the camera,” Yick says, “then float out of the way , take the picture, rotate the camera, and do it again.”

The result is a cool tour of every nook and cranny of ISS. You control it with your mouse. A chance to search, in space, from Earth’s biggest search engine.

Scott views on Twitter: @scottbudman

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