Google Testing Voice Search

A few Google users are finding they can access the search engine simply with their voice and a microphone.

The new Google search using voice has made its way to at least some computers (not mine) and some have already been toying with the version, ReadWriteWeb reported. From the report:

Google is allowing some users to search the web by voice on their desktop browsers, a spokesperson from the company confirmed to us today in an email. Selected users are shown a little grey microphone at the end of the search box.

A click and "Speak Now" appears and will record your voice and theoretically transcribe it into text. While Google confirmed the testing period, there's still no word on when it will be officially available for all  on its search engine.

Some would say this is handy but likely awkward around the office, especially when shouting things like "Macy's sale" or "directions to urology clinic." Most people in public would like their search to be a little more private. Still, I've got to wonder -- is typing out a query really that time consuming or are we now too lazy to type?

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