Google to Embrace 6,200 More Lucky Souls

It's time to go Yahoo for Google if you are looking for a job. And unfortunately several Yahoo employees are looking for jobs.

Google announced that it plans to hire 6,200 workers this year to join its highly compensated, well perked employees.

The search giant is coming off a recent shake up of its management team but not for reasons most companies make changes.

The Mountain View-based company reported last week that its fourth-quarter net income rose to $2.54 billion, or $7.81 a share, from $1.97 billion in the same period a year earlier -- a 78 percent gain from 2009. Google's net revenue was reported at $6.37 billion.

While the numbers look good in Google land, some analysts are expected to not be too excited about the announcement of new bodies joining the already 24,400 Nooglers.

Some on Wall Street have wanted to see Google tighten its wallet and end some of its free spending ways.

But that is not likely to happen at a company that has been down that road and recently gave all its employees a 10 percent raise across the board.

Never mind the endless list of perks on Google's campus that earned the company the title of one of the best companies to work for again.

In fact 2010 was a huge year for Google. Even the company's most public failure -- the failed courtship of Groupon -- may turn out to be a net gain in the end.

Google has so much money that it even pays some of its biggest stars $100 million to go away and even that's considered chump change for Google.

Now even NBC can't afford to pay its stars that much to go succeed somewhere else.

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