Google Turning Chrome Into Console With Gamepad Plug-in

Forget about next-gen Xboxes or PS4, the next console most gamers will play on might just be one that's free. Google is planning to add gamepad support to its Chrome Web browser, essentially turning it into a game console.

You can already play games like Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies in Google Chrome — with a keyboard and mouse, so why not with a gamepad controller?

According to Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan at a Develop Liverpool talk, the update will come in Q1 of next year and along with gamepad support, it'll also bring camera and microphone support for Kinect-style games.

Why turn Google Chrome into a game console? The bigger question is, why not? Web technologies are becoming extremely efficient and powerful. Add that the growing fact that we spend more and more of our time online and making the portal to the Internet a game console is even less crazy sounding.

HTML5 won't sway hardcore gamers, but you know what will? Unreal Engine 3-powered games on Adobe Flash. And for games like that we'd like the option to use a game controller.

Via Edge

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