Google Wants to Power Your Refrigerator

Two of the biggest stars of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show were suppose to be mobile phones and tablets.

Two of the biggest players behind those devices - Google and Apple - didn't bother to show up.

But Tuesday Google's Executive Chariman Eric Schmidt broke both those norms. First he appeared as a panelist during CNET's Next Big Thing panel and then he proceeded to talk about the company's mobile operating system, Android, powering everything in your home.

Schmidt said it is only a matter of time before Android is powering everything from your refrigerator to your television to your microwave.

"You want to be able to walk into your house and have all the appliances adjust (and) know it's you," Schmidt said.

But at the center of all the connectivity will still be smartphones, according to Schmidt.

He said Android users will be able to control all their devices and sync them together via their smartphone or mobile device and the "differentiation" would drive competition and drive the price down on multiple devices.

Google is already powering televisions with Android, the rest of your household gadgets and appliances is only a matter of time.

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