Google Working on Agreement with National Security Agency

Cyberattacks spurred company to contact government agency

After disclosing that company networks were successfully infiltrated through attacks originating in China, Google is now teaming up with the National Security Agency according to anonymous sources cited by the Washington Post.

Yes, the very same NSA that collaborated with Internet service providers to illegally monitor Internet communication by Americans without warrants. In 2008, Google denied any involvement in that surveillance campaign in a statement, though the denial didn't reassure everyone.

According to the Post, Google plans only to share information about the attacks, and will not turn over data from users or trade secrets.

The online attacks didn't just affect Google, but dozens or possibly even thousands of other companies, and computer security experts have confirmed Google's findings that the techniques used were incredibly sophisticated and indicative of high-level, professional work.

While Chinese government officials have denied any involvement, Google has said it is considering whether or not to cooperate with that country's Internet restriction rules, which may mean the company has to abandon their operations in the country.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both expressed public concern over the intrusion. Wednesday , White House Director of National Intelligence David Blair told a Senate panel that the attack revelations were a "wake-up call."

Jackson West does not feel this will end well. Not at all.

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