Google's Robot Car Gets Nevada's Green Light

After months of lobbying by Google, Nevada's state legislature has approved the use of driverless cars, reports said Friday.

Google, which spearheaded the initiative with the help of Las Vegas-based lobbyist David Goldwater, has been testing the robotic cars for the last few years -- including a 350-drive from its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters to its Santa Monica, Calif. office. The cars operate with numerous cameras, radar sensors and laser range finders to make their way through busy traffic.

Although Nevada had no specific law against using driverless cars, this new state law is basically sanctioning them, according to the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University Law School.

However, Forbes reports the state has now charged the state Department of Transportation to come up with a list of regulations ranging from performance standards to licensing requirements for the robot cars.

So, for those of you waiting for your car to drive you back to the hotel after a night of heavy drinking on the Las Vegas Strip, you may have to wait a few more years.

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