Google's Droid Invades Apple's Home Turf

"This is the phone I've been waiting for."

Google's Droid has declared war on Apple's iPhone and the battle officially began Friday.

The Motorola Droid invaded Verizon Wireless stores across the Bay Area early Friday morning, finally giving AT&T haters an alternative to the iPhone.

Alexandra Micuda got to the very first Droid at the Verizon store on Market Street in San Francisco. She got to the store well before 3 a.m. and waited outside for four hours before they opened the doors.

Employees at the store welcomed her with balloons, cheers and a even hug.

"This is the phone I've been waiting for," The wide-eyed, happy customer told NBC Bay Area, "This is it. I'm very happy."

Micuda said the information tranfer from her old phone to the new Droid was simple. "I'm already playing with it."

The Droid is the first smartphone powered by Google's Android 2.0, and the search engine giant has not been shy to use its moment in the smartphone spotlight to release its Apple angst.

The two tech companies have had a tumultuous relationship ever since Apple blocked Google voice from its app store.

The highly anticipated smartphone has publicly waged a PR battle against the current gold standard of smartphones by highlighting all the iPhone's limitations, which exist partly because of Apple's tight control over the development of its phone.

The long brewing battle between Google and Apple has trickled into cat fights between the two companies' network providers.

The phone went on sale for the very Apple-esque price of $299, with a $100 mail in rebate, Friday morning.

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