Google's Top Lobbyist Steps Down

The head of Google's lobbying informed the company that he plans to do no lobbying.

Alan Davidson resigned from his post as the top lobbyist for the Mountain View-based search company's political interests.

In an email to Google employees, Davidson said it was time for to find a new challenge.

"In 2005, I joined Google in Washington to build a first-rate Internet policy group. It's been a remarkable experience -– and a very exciting and intense time -- but I'm ready for a new challenge," he wrote.

The timing of Davidson's departure may not not have been ideal for Google. The company has recently found itself under the microscope in Washington D.C.

Regulators and lawmakers have put some of Google's dealings and practices under the microscope and in turn, Google has increased its spending on lobbyists.

Google said it will continue with its lobbying practices. Davidson will take a sabbatical from the company to find a new path.

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