Google's Wave Going Beta

Will it change the way we communicate?

When we last saw Google's Wave application, it was in the hands of developers invited to Google's campus to test-drive the company's newest way to communicate.

Armed with laptops and an unending supply of soft drinks, the developers we spoke to were, to a person, excited about the possibilities that Wave represents.  It's a new way to bring email, photos, blogs, chats, and more together in one place.  Jens and Lars Rasmussen, two brothers who developed Wave, likened their creation to riding a wave, with all sorts of internet-enabled communication riding with you.

Will it work?  We're about to get a better idea, as Google releases its Wave to the wild.  Set to go into beta on Wednesday, Wave claims to make the email we now use seem like snail mail.  But will regular folks (100,000 testers are said to be getting a chance to play with Wave) respond the same way as caffeine-powered developers?

Stay tuned for a review.

Scott Budman plans to throw down some caffeine, and check out Wave for himself.
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