San Francisco

Gorsuch in SF: Judges Listen, Welcome Different Ideas

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch says judges listen to each other and welcome different ideas when reaching decisions, and that's a good lesson for the other branches of government.

Gorsuch spoke on a panel Monday at the 9th Circuit courts' judicial conference in San Francisco. The panel focused on educating Americans about their system of government.

Asked what he would like people to know about the judiciary, Gorsuch pointed out that the vast majority of legal disputes are resolved at the district court level and the U.S. Supreme Court often rules unanimously.

Gorsuch was a late fill-in at the conference for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who canceled his trip to the conference after his wife fractured her hip in Austria.

Gorsuch was scheduled to speak to new U.S. citizens later in the day. A district court judge in Alaska will swear in the immigrants at a naturalization ceremony.

Gorsuch's visit comes as the Trump administration asks court to again weigh in on its ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries. Gorsuch was among three justices who said in June that the ban should be completely reinstated pending arguments before the high court.

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