Got an iPad? Hopefully, Hackers Don't Have Your Email

The good news? Turns out a lot of "A-List" type folk have picked up the iPad. Why, everyone from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to Diane Sawyer of ABC News are confirmed iPad owners.

The bad news? All of their emails and some 114,000 others are in the hands of hackers, thanks to a vulnerability present in the iPad.

The group responsible goes by the name "Goatse Security," which, if you don't know what it's a reference to, don't Google it. The email accounts appear to be the worst of the damage, though the hackers also managed to lift the ICC-IDs of the users, or the ID that denotes what user is using which SIM card for the 3G iPads.

Still, the compromised accounts — accounts of some pretty important people — are now right in the line of fire of some particularly vile spammers at best. At worst, well, these folks are pretty creative. We're sure they can come up with something.

The blame for the breach right now rests mostly on AT&T, though the company has apologized and reported that the security flaw has since been fixed. Still, hey Apple: How about you use this as an excuse to move to other carriers, eh? Pretty please?

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