Got Baggage? Let Yahoo Pick It Up

Web giant helping out at the airport

Technology companies love to help the community. It's part of what makes them beloved to Silicon Valley residents (well, that, along with their stock options and cool perks). This holiday season, a Silicon Valley dot com with some baggage of its own, wants to help you with yours.

Yahoo, as part of its holiday giving program, will pay for your baggage fees if you're traveling from San Francisco International or San Jose International airports. They'll be there on Dec. 23, traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. Not a bad deal for travelers, who likely booked --and payed for -- their tickets, only to learn that they'd have to cough up a bit more dough for the privilege of actually traveling with luggage.

The timing couldn't be better for Yahoo. For one thing, people leaving town will have a warm feeling in their hearts about the search company. And after spending Christmas somewhere freezing, will be looking forward to coming back home and using Yahoo to search.  Or, knowing how many big investors and Venture Capitalists fly out of Silicon Valley everyday, may think happily about buying Yahoo (YHOO) when they come back home, to start their brand new 2010 portfolios.

It also comes as Yahoo itself admits to tough times; the company is closing its doors for the week between Christmas and New Year's, forcing employees to use vacation time if they want to get paid.

Yahoo has a division called "Yahoo For Good." Meg Garlinghouse helps run it, and says "One small act of kindness can ignite a ripple of generosity, and we hope to inspire the Yahoo community to create a wave of goodwill." It's a nice idea, and really, is there a better place to start than a crowded airport, likely full of long lines and delays? 

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