Gov. Pushes for Budget in SJ

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in San Jose Tuesday as he continues to push for a group of budget-related measures on next week's special ballot.

The governor is scheduled to meet with local government officials during a roundtable meeting at 10:30 a.m.

Schwarzenegger is warning that California is facing a $15.4 billion budget deficit in the coming fiscal year. That's nearly double earlier estimates.

Schwarzenegger is getting two revisions of the May budget ready: one bad, one worse.

He says that if props 1A through 1E do pass, the state will have a $15 billion deficit.

If they don't, the governor says, the deficit will be $21 billion the governor said that would cost calfire 10 percent of it's budget, 1,700 firefighters and 20 fire stations. He warned that 50,000 more teachers would lose their jobs and 19,000 low-risk offenders would be set free from prison to save money.

One will use the smaller deficit and the other will have the deficit if voters reject the special election measures.

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