Gov. Stumps for Props in San Jose

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came to San Jose Monday to meet with teachers, firefighters and business leaders ahead of Tuesday's special election.

The governor is trying to drum up support for a number of measures on the special election ballot.

But if you think he will be here for the ballot counting think again.  He is flying to D.C. tomorrow to be part of a new vehicle emission stardard announcement with the president.

The governor stood alongside public safety officers, teachers and business leaders in Silicon Valley, urging voters to say "yes" to the budget measures on the special election ballot.

On Sunday, he and Assembly Speaker Karen Bass stopped at three Los Angeles area churches and told parishioners that yes votes are vital to protect funding for education, health care, public safety and other programs.

Critics say some of the propositions rob funding from critical health and education programs. But the governor says the ballot measures are vital for steering the state off "the road to financial disaster."

Even with the passage of the proposition, more cuts may be unavoidable at this point.

The state is suffering from a $15 billion budget deficit.

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