Governator Named One of Country's Worst

Group ranks Schwarzenegger 11th worst governor

He brought in big numbers at the box office but the governator isn't scoring so high in his new career -- according to a political watchdog group.

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) calls Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the nation's worst. The liberal-leaning Washington, D.C. group reviewed the job performances of all 50 state governors to determine who they consider the worst ones.

Here's what they took into account in creating the rankings:

We considered whether governors had violated ethics, campaign finance and personal financial disclosure rules as well as whether they had complied with state transparency laws.

Schwarzenegger is ranked 11 on their list.

Some of the reasons for the dubious honor, according to CREW, are because he "built cozy relationships with special interest," "created conflicts of interest by accepting a consulting position and doing state business with a company staffed by his former campaign aids," and because he "vetoed bills to improve transparency in hospitals at the behest of special interests." 

Here's the entire profile (.pdf) of Schwarzenegger as complied by CREW

 The country's worst governor? That would be Mississippi Republican Haley Barbour, according to CREW.

The group's report is mostly a compilation of newspaper investigative reports on the governor's various activities while in office.

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