GQ's Worst Dressed Men of Tech

See who is tops on GQ's list of worst dressed

While the GQ article is titled "Worst Dressed Men of Silicon Valley," some of these guys aren't actually IN Silicon Valley, however, tech guys they are and tech guys are notorious for dressing badly. 

The men's fashion magazine has put together a list of the top 15 worst dressed men in tech.

15. Chriss Sacca - Founder and Principal of Lowercase Capital

14. Craig Newmark - Founder of Craigslist

13. Ron Conway - Early investor in  Google, paypal, Facebook and Digg

12. Peter Chou - Co-Founder and CEO of HTC.

11. Blake Krikorian - Co-Founder and former CEO of Sling Media.

10. Ben Huh - CEO of iCanHazCheezburger

9. Howard Stringer - Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Corp.

8. Seth Priebatsch - Founder and CEO of smartphone app SCVNGR

7. Tom Anderson - Co-Founder of MySpace

6. Reid Hoffman - Co-Founder and Chairman of LinkedIn, investor in Digg, Flickr

5. Dennis Crowley - Co-Founder and CEO of Foursquare, Co-Founder of Dodgeball.

4. Shantanu Narayen - President and CEO of Adobe Systems, Inc

3. Bill Gates - Co-Founder and CEO of Microsoft

2. Steve Jobs - Co-Founder and CEO of Apple Inc.

and topping off the list of worst dressed men in tech:

1. Mark Zuckerberg - Co-Founder, President and CEO of Facebook.

Check out their bad wardrobe choices in the GQ slideshow here.

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