Grab That Golden Key You See Floating By

A promotion that has a Willy Wonka feel will have you looking up today if you are in the city of San Francisco. This one has a golden key instead of a golden ticket, but the reward is something that is fantasy for most of us: staying in the Presidential Suite at one of the finest hotel's in the City.

The Palace hotel is celebrating a century of business by recreating something its predecessors did exactly 100 years ago. They will attach a golden key to a balloon and launch it from the rooftop.

Whoever finds the key will be treated to a three night stay in the Presidential Suite, plus dinner and breakfast for two.

The drop is planned for 3:30 p.m.

NBC Bay Area meteorologist Craig Herrera says a storm front should be moving through the City at that time, with 15 to 20 mph winds coming from the northwest direction. So, if you want to hedge your bets, move southeast of the Palace to have the best shot of striking gold.

Here's a little history for you: On Dec. 15, 1909 the Palace Hotel re-opened its doors to a completely rebuilt facility following massive destruction caused by the great 1906 earthquake that hit seven months earlier. It has remained a Grand Dam of the high-end hotels ever since.

Lori Preuitt was one of those kids who was genuinely freaked out by Willy Wonka.

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